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OAI Vision Systems is a suite of products and solutions that provide integration of IP camera and other imaging devices with SCADA/HMI. Vision Systems solutions provide integration options tailored to a variety of applications including Leak Detection.

The Pure Vision system includes some of the following components:

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An on-site CPU used to manage the local camera network and act as the primary point of integration with the overall SCADA/HMI system.

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The RIoT controller connects to one or more independent camera units providing site surveillance, leak detection or other specific applications.

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The Outlaw Automation ICScada Enterprise Data Management HMI provides remote site access for real-time and historical camera images and associated information. Site alarming (SMS, email, or voice), limit and alarm direction, image archiving, logging and other relevant system data are also provided.

Key Features

Remote Site Surveillance/Project Progress

Area Motion Detection/Security

Visual Process Leak Detection


  • Enhanced site security & process leak detection
  • Minimize property theft or associated damage
  • Regular consumer and commercial IP camera and DVR solutions can be notoriously insecure!
  • ICScada and RIoT controllers provide additional security and encryption layers to protect image and video data


  • Low installation costs
  • Fixed monthly administration, access, and airtime costs
  • No contracts cancel service prior to any billing cycle
  • Drastically cut site visitations and security staff with remote access to monitor site activities
  • Reduction in site insurance deductibles


  • Highly intuitive HMI that requires minimal staff training
  • Expandable with additional cameras, locations and SCADA infrastructure
  • Proven industrial products designed for extreme conditions
  • Mix & match camera/imaging equipment
  • OAI solutions leverage industry standards to offer the best options to our customers and avoid vendor lock-in


  • Real-Time alarm notification (SMS, email, or voice)
  • Analytical system data that can be utilized to optimize operations
  • Information tracking of site performance, staff control inputs and increased accountability
  • HMI access and alarm direction is controlled by client
  • All user identity, inputs, comments, or acknowledgements are archived

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