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The RIoT controller is an on-site central processing unit (CPU) used to manage the local network and act as the primary point of integration with the overall SCADA/HMI system.

We use modern, open standards and protocols that are designed to communicate with each other much more seamlessly than older systems.

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RIoT sites are designed to be modular, so equipment with autonomous Smart I/O instrumentation can be added or removed with minimal disturbance to the rest of the site.

RIoT architecture is flexible – network topologies can be simple or more complicated, incorporating multi-tiered networks, redundancy, etc.

Key Features

RIoT Smart devices can connect through Ethernet or even wireless links, greatly reducing field wiring requirements

  • Provides security and access control to the self-contained camera network
  • Includes integrated LTE cellular modem and WiFi access point to provide managed remote access to site without any additional equipment
  • Acts as the local digital video recorder (DVR) for images and video data to ensure no interruption in service in the event of internet connectivity outage
  • Performs enhanced analysis on images and video feeds beyond the capabilities of typical IP cameras
  • Integrates with remote SCADA/HMI systems, including ehnaced interaction with control systems such as capturing images and video based on process alarms and events or overlaying current process values or trends right on the video feed

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