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Outlaw Automation started providing ICScada and Automation solutions in 1998. Developed with our customers needs at the forefront, our products, services and support programs provide forward thinking and leading edge automation solutions.


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For over 20 years, we have proven ICScada  to be one of the most dynamic, stable and cost effective solutions available on the automation market.

Camera Vision Systems

A suite of products and solutions that provide integration of imaging devices with SCADA tailored to a variety of applications including Leak Detection.


A Building Management System that automatically manages, controls, and monitors several building processes or sub-systems.


An on-site central processing unit (CPU) used to manage the local network and act as the primary point of integration with the overall SCADA/HMI system.


Poor production due to declining pressure in older wells or constant variations in liquid loading identifies a need for Gas Well Optimization.

well testing

Well test data is fundamental to effective management of oil and gas wells. Timely, comprehensive collection of well testing data is key to optimization.

Gas Chromatograph

Outlaw is on the leading edge of testing technology and our NGC changes chromatography and gives us a new model for gas measurement.

Emerging Technology

At Outlaw Automation, we are committed to focusing on the emerging technologies that will help our partners succeed and grow.

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At Outlaw Automation we apply science and creativity to develop innovative designs and solutions that aid our customers in their relentless pursuit of profitability

medical pills industry  factory and production indoor

Manufacturing and Production


Energy Industry

Oil and Gas
Solar Power

Building Management


Agriculture and Factory

Farming and Ranching
Mills and Refineries

These are just a few of the many industries we serve
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