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Premier ICScada integration can seamlessly combine image and video data with process data, alarming, access control and monitoring, and any other required site functions.

These camera systems are designed to be adaptable and expandable to accommodate future expansion.

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OAI Vision Systems solutions are often comprised of multiple on-site, independently-operating RIoT/camera/RTU systems that when combined provide a total site solution.

Outlaw’s hardware provides “edge computing” storage and processing right on site so that full operation can continue without any internet connectivity and provides options to significantly reduce bandwidth usage.

Key Features

Provide seamless integration of visual surveillance systems into your platform

  • Remotely controlled pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) digital surveillance cameras
  • Cost-effective fixed-mount cameras to visually monitor important areas and stationary equipment
  • Inconspicuous, intrinsically safe “video transmitter” cameras for potentially hazardous locations
  • Forward-looking infrared (FLIR) thermal cameras
  • Easy-to-install “one cable” Power over Ethernet (PoE) or wireless camera options availble
  • Our vision systems solutions leverage industry-standard protocols and can leverage any customers’ existing IP camera hardware that conforms to ONVIF and RTSP standards

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