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Increase efficiency, security and speed. Outlaw Automation and Management solutions support stability and security, while saving you resources and time.

Our Control Solutions in action:

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An on-site CPU used to manage the local camera network and act as the primary point of integration with the overall SCADA/HMI system.

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A Building Management System installed in commercial, industrial or residential structures that automatically manages, controls, and monitors several building processes or sub-systems.

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Our Gas Well Optimization software takes advantage of the capabilities of the existing flow computer (RTU) and on-site I/O saving our customers thousands in hardware costs.

We use Fisher and Schneider controllers.

Key Features

Solve problems once,
in one place, and scale up

  • Measurement of important process variables such as temperature, flow rate, and pressure
  • Automation is capable of sensing process conditions that indicate unsafe or abnormal operation much more quickly
  • A control strategy must be implemented under conditions of a continuously changing and unpredictable environment
  • Spend less time solving old problems and have more time for new projects and strategies
  • Keep up with and reduce the demand for manual processes and operations

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