SCADA – Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition

Outlaw Automation has been developing SCADA solutions for a wide range of industries and infrastructures requiring precise control and data monitoring of critical operational processes for over 2 decades. Throughout this period we have witnessed rapid technical evolution of SCADA and SCADA related components.

This realization has forced design characteristics within our products and solutions to anticipate new technological advancements tomorrow, practice proficiency with product trends of today, and maintain reverse component compliancy of yesterday.

SCADA System Components

The Outlaw Automation Total Solution Team maintains a high proficiency level in SCADA system regulatory compliance, system design, and maintenance practices involving SCADA system components.

Extensive research and development of new market advancements in SCADA system practices and component technology allow us to provide practical automation consultation and current solutions for our customers.

SCADA - refers to an industrial computer and component system that monitors and\or controls a particular process of geographically dispersed assets over an extensive area.

Typical SCADA system components are listed as follows:

  • HMI - human Machine Interface
  • RTU - Remote Terminal Units
  • PLC - Programmable Logic Controllers
  • I/O - Input/Output Instrumentation Devices
  • Communications Infrastructure - Data Medium (Ethernet, Radio, etc.)

Due to the component nature of any typical SCADA system, the most robust and proven solution can be rendered inoperable by poor selection, improper installation, or improper configuration of any one component.

Outlaw Automation SCADA system development and component selection is based on our past experiences involving field performance, product stability, maintenance and serviceability, ROI economics, and customer expansion needs or unique circumstances.

Component cost is always a consideration but not the determining factor when integrating SCADA components, therefore the most inexpensive components may not be selected.

Vendor Neutrality

Outlaw Automation exhibits a high level of dedication to our customers by remaining vendor neutral. We conduct business within the confines of ethics and integrity, unrestricted in applying the very best, affordable, SCADA components and automation solution possible.

Vendor neutrality also provides the design flexibility within our ICScada HMI solutions to provide SCADA infrastructure expansion and co-habitation of several independent component manufacturers, vendors, and products within the same HMI control standard.

Economical options other then costly hardware upgrades, SCADA component replacement, and even service contractor selection become available to the customer when acquiring assets or expanding process sets or infrastructure.

HMI Conversion

Outlaw Automation primarily develops automation solutions, which involve our internally developed ICScada HMI Control Solution. All aspects of the ICScada development including protocol pool, utility programs, standards, and compliancy have been developed internally thereby allowing the engineering team to react quickly and competently to customer requests without 3rd party involvement.

Outlaw Automation also entertains support services for other HMI control systems, based on customer requests, or critical service requirements.

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