Training Programs

As part of the Outlaw Automation “Total Commitment” to our customers, we offer several training courses to complement the ICScada (ICS)HMI control software and related products or modules.

Courses range from ICScada introduction to complete ICScada system integration and management. ICScada course content is catered to the particular industry of deployment to ensure optimum value added for all participants.

Customer ICS HMI application specific training will be performed if at all possible.

All courses allow attendeesaccess to the Outlaw Automationinformation forums and low-level support channels.

Current Courses Available:

  1. ICScada Introduction (Operations & System Users)
  2. ICScada Basic Integration (Station Integration)
  3. ICScada Advanced Integration (System Integration)

Course Industry Specifications Include:

  • Oil & Gas (O&G) Field Control and Monitoring
  • O&G Plant Control & Management
  • O&G Well Optimization (Gas Lift & Plunger Applications)
  • O&G Leak Detection
  • O&G Well Testing & Gas Analysis
  • Fresh & Waste Water Systems
  • Factory Floor Applications
  • Electrical Power & Distribution

Course Locations:

  • Calgary, Alberta, Canada
  • Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
  • Customer Site Location


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