ICScada - Introductory Course

A hands-on basic ICScada introduction course designed to fully demonstrate the ICScada system as applied to the particular installation environment.

Duration: 2 Full Days

The successful graduate of the ICScada Introductory Course will be proficient in:

  • ICScada (ICS) Software Structure, Operating Systems, & Security
  • ICS Access Management
  • ICS Safety
  • ICS Navigation
  • ICS Reporting
  • ICS Alarming & Alarm Management
  • ICS Data Polling, Historical & Real-Time
  • ICS Equipment Interface & Protocol
  • Field Measurement, Standards,& Compliance
  • Field Communications Modems & Radios
  • Field Power Systems
  • Field Electrical & Instrumentation Basics
  • ICS System Support Network

The successful candidate will be issued ICScada Certificate upon successful completion of a final practical (50%) and written (50%) examination.

The ICScada Introduction course requires no prerequisite education to enroll.

Small groups of attendees are suggested to ensure adequate participation in hands-on training and maximum value.

A detailed course itinerary will be released prior to any course start date and will identify all attendees, course duration, breaks, and any course specific content.

All courses allow for a “Question Period” following a successful examination.

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