VFD, PLC and RTU Integration

Outlaw Automation maintains a qualified programming team to address VFD, PLC, and RTU integration requirements.

The Outlaw Automation team is well versed in the standard programming environments associated with IEC 61131-3, as well as several proprietary product software environments.

Our ability to offer compiled “C” Code Utility Programs across several product lines, and versions offers economical alternatives for achieving operational standards, which are easily supported.

Programming and configuration services are available for several popular VFD, PLC & RTU product lines including ABB, Allen Bradley, Fisher, Horner, Schneider (CMI), and Yokogawa.

Outlaw Automation provides rigid dynamic programming sequences that maintain control standards and satisfy operational flexibility across several product lines.

Utility Programs—Standards & Support

Outlaw Automation strongly believes in applying standard programming algorithms to maintain operational consistency, minimizing reprogramming costs, and restricting support and service provider selection.

PLC and RTU programming arenas offer several methods to achieve the required functionality. This inherent programming flexibility often leads to almost proprietary, complex programming code, not easily modified, or supported. Minor programming modifications in complex programs often require a completely re- commissioned test to ensure no other systems have been affected.

Over the past decade, Outlaw Automation in conjunction with several clients, operators, and process engineers, have developed several comprehensive controller “Utility or User Programs” for specific industry applications. The programs contain pre-defined standard programming sequences that require simple configuration--not programming modifications--to manipulate operational functionality.

Deployment of the Outlaw Automation Utility Programs has been very successful at providing excellent customer value, consistent operational standards, and reducing maintenance and support costs.

Outlaw Automation provides the following controller based utility programs, which are available for several product lines:

  • Gas Well Control & ESD
  • Gas Well Optimization & De-liquification (OPT)
  • Oil Well Control (OPT)
  • AGA Flow Calculation
  • Leak Detection

Authorization Codes for the Outlaw Automation Utility Program downloads are available 24/7 through our web page or by telephone during regular business hours.

Enterprise Agreements (EA), Customer Maintenance & Support Agreements (CSA) and Training Programs are available on request for all Utility Programs.

Controller Evolution

As a seasoned system integrator, Outlaw Automation has experienced the technological evolution of controller products and the advancement of programming methods and environments.

Product advancements in controller expansion capabilities (RAM, Flash, I/O, power consumption, and general functionality) have introduced new more powerful controllers and system integration alternatives year after year.

Expanding SCADA infrastructures today rarely maintain consistent product lines, product models, or product version standards, as most controllers are outdated or are no longer available within 1 or 2 years after installation.

This reality forces the Outlaw Automation System Integration Team to constantly adapt to new products, while maintaining a reverse compatibility with aged yet functional controllers. Our ability to continually offer System Integration and programming standards for both old and new VFD, PLC & RTU products result is an economical alternative to costly customer controller upgrades or replacements.

Outlaw Automation performs integration system assessments and equipment reviews for both small and large SCADA infrastructures. Contact our Engineering department for scheduling.

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