Wellsite Data Management - 4083

WDM-4083 provides comprehensive monitoring required to comply with the ERCB/AER directives 40 and 83.

Directive 40 - Pressure and Deliverability Testing

Directive 40 mandates initial pressure testing requirements as well as annual pressure surveys and surface pressure data requirements. We are able to meet these monitoring and reporting needs by collecting pressure data for your .PAS files. WDM40-83 addresses mandates set forth in sections 3.6, 4.2.3, 4.3.2, and 4.3.6 of your AER’s directive 40.

Directive 83 - Subsurface Integrity

Directive 83 mandates the requirement for a monitoring system to detect pressure changes in nearby wells and allow time for a response. Our 4083 system provides this by establishing a monitoring grid that is connected to a central on-site or remote server. Data resolution from our sensors is as detailed as per-second, or done at user-defined intervals. With 4083, data acquisition includes:

-Current pressure on the subject well

-Current pressure on at-risk offset wells

-Interwellbore communication detection

40/83 addresses mandates set forth in sections 3.3.1(8)(c), 3.6 and 3.3.3(a,b,c, and d) of your directive 83 well control plan.

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