ICScada - Water & Wastewater Solutions

ICScada HMI monitoring and control solutions for the water and wastewater industry have been successfully deployed since 2008. With the performance and supporting utility modules to address large system integration projects as well as providing small economical system integration solutions, the ICScada Scada Solution remains a clear choice.

ICScada water and wastewater SCADA applications include:

  • Fresh Water Process Facilities
  • Wastewater Process Facilities
  • Water Distribution & Supply Networks
  • Bottled Water -- Factory Floor
  • Sewage Treatment
  • Water Privatization & Security

Small municipalities and private independent community operations requiring a Scada HMI stability, remote access for multiple users, alarming dependability, and a functional GUI are drawn to ICScada as one of the only cost effective control and monitoring systems available to them.

The fresh or clean water private industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. ICScada is ready to provide unmatched HMI SCADA control solutions to maintain cost efficient and progressive continual development in this area.

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