ICScada - Factory Floor/Plant Manufacturing

ICScada Factory Floor & Plant Manufacturing solutions have been developed to simplify the process of plant automation and HMI system design, integration, and maintenance required to economically manage your process or enterprise.

The inherent characteristics of the ICScada HMI Scada monitoring and control software provides a total automation solution that can function as an independent automation system, or in conjunction with other production facilities, in a range of server configurations.

ICScada — An HMI Scada Monitoring and Control solution built for today, but engineered with tomorrow in-mind.

ICScada — Proactive Plant Maintenance Module

The ICScada Factory Floor solution contains a Proactive Plant Maintenance Module allowing I/O activity or process equipment tracking for maintenance purposes. Notifications are issued by the ICScada system to operations, procurement departments, or supply vendors. System notifications are initiated when time or activity meter limits are breached identifying impending maintenance is required.

The Proactive Plant Maintenance Module in conjunction with ICScada data trending modules (both ICScada standard features) reduce production down-time, tighten maintenance practices, and provide precise analytical performance data of existing and new process equipment.

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