ICScada - Natural Gas Solutions

The ICScada HMI Scada Solution was originally introduced, and tested to meet the needs associated with vast areas of evolving SCADA assets of the natural gas industry. Up, middle, and down stream process and monitoring solutions for ICScada HMI applications include:

  • Plant DCS, SCADA
  • Well Gathering Systems
  • Well Velocity & Plunger Lift product page
  • Compression Systems
  • Pipeline & Leak Detection Scada Systems
  • Flare & Venting
  • Well Testing and Scada
  • Measurement Compliance Auditing product page
  • Asset & Data Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Man Down & Safety System product page

Natural Gas is considered the “Greener Alternative” and a “Bridge Fuel” until such time as more renewable energy sources are developed. Natural Gas global production and expansion of NGL and LNG related operations are providing numerous environments that require the dynamics of the ICScada Scada Solution.

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