Features of ICSCADA

ICSCADA can be used in ANY Industrial control Application, It is a lightweight networked model that will run Hosted or Stand-alone to offer many clients access to production data collected and stored at a common (Master) site. Access to this data is made to networked users and controlled by logins for security.

Original ICSCADA Design

The Original ICSCADA was designed to be VERY thin and minimal bandwidth requirements.

Customers need more than just a simple text interface and as pictured here, now we can seperate all available functions into tabs and choose from any of the tabs to view data or enter new values if so desired.

Well Graphic and Data

Simple Thin Graphics represent the Station monitored.

ICSCADA - Trending Page

Updated with a simple Thin Graphic Interface and a Tabbed selections, ICSCADA is fully customizable and easily scaled up when required.

Pages are designed to be tabbed through with basic information displayed in the upper portion of the screen. Tabs Include:

  • Trending
  • Status
  • AGA
  • History
  • Notes
  • Optimization (Optional)

Trend Pens are fully customizable using the profile editor with a Primary (Left) and a Secondary (Right) side of the Grid.

Multiple Profiles can be created for short or long term trending and analysis.

History Page

History is Editable and supports Multiple Output Formats

  • Excel CSV File
  • PDF Files
  • PVR Export (Custom report required)

Logging is controlled by Profiles and will continue to Log when configured even if not currently trended.

  • Historical data is stored continiously
  • Data for Reports can be quickly recalled from the beginning of the Well's life to the most current data collected
  • Production Notes and Information can be entered, such as
    • AGA Plate changes
    • EPAP Audit records

This Historical data and all other data may be collected by third parties or even engineering/accounting staff if desired without any further request or fax requirements. Data may even be emailed automatically if required.

AGA Input Page

AGA And EPAP Input Information

AGA Remote Access to Enhanced Production Audit Program Data Information can be entered remotely if required

  • Gas Analysis records can be digitally stored
  • EPAP Logging changes

Enhanced Production Audit Program (EPAP) Information and Logging as per EUB requirements in Alberta.

Status Page

Current Polling Stats and Other Important Information

This is a status page used to display current station flowing information as well as yesterday's history.

Also used to monitor Communications and Well Status Information Communication errors and Last Poll time

Optimization Page

Optional Well Optimization Module Installed Use this Page to enter Well Values and Optimization Mode Changes

Entering Mode changes remotely means Optimization without the need to visit the well to enter changes

Optimization Options:

  • Modes
  • Parameter Changes
  • Monitor Modes
  • Optional Optimization Code is required in the RTU Module if required to control Optimization parameters

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