BMS - Burner Management Systems

The ACL CSC 200 Combustion Safety Control is a leading edge controller that provides burner ignition, flame fail, and monitoring of two separate thermocouple inputs used for temperature control in applications such as tanks, line heaters, reboilers, or any other application where accurate temperature monitoring and control is needed.
Download the ACL-ICSCADA Information Package
The CSC200 provides full first-out annunciation of shutdown inputs such as:

  • Level
  • High temperature
  • Remote S/D
  • Pressure
  • Proof of closure
  • Flame failure
  • Power failure

Customized Remote Burner Management Software

Remotely manage your burner controllers with the ACL CSC200 ICSCADA software. Using our fully customizable interface, you can have access to temperature logs, shutdown logs, trend information, and status information. ICSCADA allows you to view and control everything on your smart phone, tablet, or PC.

Status Monitoring includes:

  • Igniter Alarm Input
  • Pilot Solenoid
  • Igniter Valve Input
  • Main Solenoid
  • Alarm Relay
  • Pilot Solenoid
  • Proof of Closure
  • T/Main Solenoid
  • Temperature Main
  • On/Off Switch
  • Shutdown Input
  • Remote Reset Input
  • TC 1 Fail
  • TC 2 Fail
  • Level Switch

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