Accugas Flow Calculator

Accugas+ is a cloud based AGA flow calculator and compliance auditor for verifying (EFM) results.

Accugas (for PCs) is a standalone AGA flow calculator application for verifying (EFM) results that runs on the MS Windows operating system.

Accugas and Accugas+ compute gas volumetric, mass and energy flow from orifice meters, precision tube v-cone meters, wafer cone meters and turbine meters. It references AGA-3, AGA-8 and AGA-7 reports and McCrometer published technical papers in its calculation.

Data can be downloaded and exported to many formats for external use. Data is stored for online use for the life of the well.

Accugas Information Package

The windows version of the Accugas program supports:

  • AGA-3, AGA-8 (1992) for gas volume calculation with orifice meters
  • AGA-7 for gas volume calculation with turbine meters
  • V-Cone for gas volume calculation with V-Cone gas flow meters
  • Wafer Cone for gas volume calculation with Wafer Cone gas flow meters
  • Latitude and elevation compensation
  • Downstream or upstream tap locations
  • Imperial or metric unit auto conversion
  • Heating value calculation

New Features:

  • ERCB Test cases - save and reload
  • New print function for results
  • Use as part of your Enhanced Production Audit Program (EPAP)
  • Use to help calculate perfect orifice size
  • API Programmers Interface - Use VB in Excel

Hosted App Features:

  • Polling RTU EFM data from hosted flow computers
  • Multiple Protocols for various EFM RTU's (Custom Protocols available)
  • Recalculate AGA based on polled data
  • Accugas is a cloud based AGA flow calculator for verifying (EFM) results
  • Export to Spreadsheet, Database or your Gas Production accounting software

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