Our Commitment to Our Customer

Outlaw Automation shows commitment to our customers through the quality and performance of all of our products. Our ICScada HMI control software and other automation software products have undergone extensive engineering, development, and field-testing by qualified professionals to ensure our solutions are sound, functional, and among the very best systems available today. We stand behind our total solutions by offering customer support avenues, 24/7 dedicated support programs, enterprise licensing, and training programs catered to our customer’s changing support and service requirements.

Customer Maintenance Agreements (CMA)

The Outlaw Automation Total Solution includes provisions to extend customer support access through annual Customer Maintenance Agreements (CMA). The CMA is tailored with each customer’s automation infrastructure, system maintenance requirements, experience, and anticipated support or expansion needs in-mind.

Typical CMA’s provide the following services and benefits:

  • Extended Service & Support
  • 24/7 On-Call Service
  • Dedicated Support Technician or Team
  • No Cost ICScada and Protocol Upgrades
  • Reduced SCADA Labor Rates
  • HMI Construction & Maintenance Hour Pool
  • Server Maintenance & Replacement Program
  • Annual HMI System Analysis & Reporting
  • Annual Recurring Operator Training

The CMA offers piece of mind to the customer and ensures a successful transition from initial system deployment to operational status.

The CMA is suggested on all new systems or can be included initial RFQ pricing.

The CMA is not mandatory, and can be cancelled or modified on each CMA anniversary to ensure customer value.

Enterprise License Activation (EA)

Outlaw Automation offers reduced pricing for all software utility programs and automation systems based on purchase volume. EA programs are currently available for the following:

  • ICScada HMI Monitoring & Control Programs
  • Optimization and Well De-liquification Programs
  • Accugas Measurement, Standards & Compliance Program

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Customer Support Services

All Outlaw Automation hardware, software, and automation solutions are supported through both our on-call phone and on-line networks available during regular business hours.

1-866-408-5001 online@outlaw.ca

After hours standby support coverage is also available on request.

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